Vintage Kombi Hire provides a diverse amount of options, in order to get the correct package for you so it’s best to fill out our enquiries form and email us. Vintage Kombi will aim to respond within 48 hours
To help our staff give you a accurate quote please provide them with the following information; number in the bridal party, pick up time, drop off time (we can then work out the number of hours required), location of pick up and location of drop off.
Bookings, quotes and payments

Quotes are valid for a period of 30 days and include GST.

To secure your booking, Vintage Kombi Hire will require a minimum 20% non-refundable deposit which is non refundable. The full balance of payment is due 14 days prior to service. If the full balance is not received by the due date Vintage Kombi Hire will consider it as a cancellation.

Any changes to the booking after the quote has been accepted may incur further charges and payment must be finalised before the hire date.

By making and confirming a booking the hirer unconditionally accepts all of the terms and conditions and requirements and limitations found in the Vintage Kombi Hire terms and conditions web page.

The hirer’s personal circumstances may be considered in obtaining a refund, however this is at the full discretion of Vintage Kombi Hire.
Travelling in the van

The maximum number of passengers transportable by our Blue Steel Kombi is 9 people including the driver (full house). More comfortable carrying 8 in total especially on longer journeys.

All Vintage Kombi Hire vehicles are chauffeur service only. Self-drive is not available at any time.

Drinking, smoking and the application of makeup or hair spray are not permitted in the Kombi’s. The hirer is liable for any excess cleaning of the interior.

Any overly intoxicated person that is deemed to be unable to travel safely will not be permitted to ride.

No objects or parts of a body are to be placed outside the Kombi whilst it is in motion.

The driver may end the journey at any point, without refund, if any passenger’s behaviour is illegal, inappropriate or offensive.

In the event of body or paint damage to a vehicle due to negligence by the hirer or hirer’s party the hirer is liable for all repairs.

The hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused to the vehicle by the hirer or passengers. This includes incitement or behaviour resulting in damage to the vehicle or its contents by a third party.

While all care is taken, no responsibility is taken for items left in vehicle.

The hirer holds Vintage Kombi Hire harmless of any liability for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of his or her party.

The hirer accepts and indemnifies Vintage Kombi Hire and its employees against any loss, consequential or otherwise as a result, direct or otherwise of a failure to meet time deadlines.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is adequate time to travel to and from destinations. Furthermore, the hirer indemnifies Deluxe Kombi Service against any and all claims as a result, direct or otherwise, consequential or otherwise, of failure to arrive at the destination at the appropriate time or at all.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are aware of these terms and conditions.

Subject to any rights the customer may have by law, in no event will Vintage Kombi Hire be liable for any loss or damage which the customer suffers as a result of Vintage Kombi Hire actions or the actions of its agents.
Limitations of Use

The Kombi will not travel upon unsealed roads. Driveways or very small stretches of unsealed roads may be accommodated if agreed upon at the time of quoting. Unsealed roads will cause damage.
Limitation of Liability

Subject to any rights the customer/hirer may have by law, in no event will Vintage Kombi Hire be liable for any loss or damage which the customer/hirer suffers as are a result of Vintage Kombi Hire actions or the actions of its agents.

Vintage Kombi Hire offers an honest and reliable transport hire service. Our aim is to ensure you have a safe, fun and memorable experience with us at all times.

We welcome the use of our vehicle/s in photographs of your special event.